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Welcome to "Fast-forward Moments" above and beyond. We are so thrilled you have stopped by to learn more about us and our programs. "Fast-forward moments" are divine moments in time where there  is a significant SHIFT. "Fast-forward Moments" are YHWH's supernatural moments of acceleration, influence and impact that stems from above and is manifested on the earth. We are blessed to be a part of these "GOD moments" that  transcends, time, geographical space and human reasoning. "Fast-forward" moments happened to Joseph, David,  Job,  Samuel,  Mary, Moses,  Joshua,  Solomon,  Daniel,  Esther,  Jesus and much more. 

Fastforward Moments can happen to YOU

          Join us and the host of "fast-forward momentors" as we tap into this order of "DIVINE TIME and TIMING" and fast-forward moments above and beyond. You can join us for any one or all of our four-pronged programming which are: 

1.  Generation Light Program

2.   The Shift Podcast Series.

3.  The Unstoppable Light Program and

3. The Global Soaring Edge  Girls Leadership and Mentoring Program

"We are the LIGHT of the world. A  city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden."

The "Generation Light" program  is a global gathering and a group of "Kingdom Lighted" individuals, families,  leaders, entrepreneurs,  youths and children  that meet in virtual "Light Spaces" and in-person to advance, impact and influence their generation with "Light." 

Our monthly meetings is a virtual gathering and meeting point of "Awakened" Kingdom Lighted  Leaders (young and old) from around the globe with a unique mental shift, who break limits (the status quo) and impact their Generation. 

"The SHIFT" Podcasts series takes "LIGHT" "IMPACT" and "INFLUENCE" to another level and dimension. A new dimension is herald as the SHIFT podcasts transports individuals to another dimension in their spheres of influence "far above" human wisdom.  Join us and shift! Invest in the harvest and be a Kingdom-minded investor of treasure, talent and people. 

"The Unstoppable Light" is an off-shot of the parent program "Generation light." The unstoppable Light program provides coaching and mentoring services for individuals, groups and institutions and deploys kingdom citizens to shift and light up their sphere of influence on a global level. It is the deployment of kingdom-minded individuals commissioned to influence and impact their world through the instrumentation of LIGHT principles in an unstoppable way.

"The Global Soaring Edge  Girls Leadership and Mentoring Program" is hosted in four-African nations, namely Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. This mentoring program caters for girls  and provides instructional coaching,  leadership training, coaching and mentoring,   and holistic development conversations in the form of podcast and audiobooks for mentees and mentors.

We have partnered with several NGO's to achieve this mandate in the four-African nations.













                     THE RELEASE OF the 2023 YAH POD BOOK SERIES 

    We are thrilled to LAUNCH and release YHWH's book series called the YAHPOD Book Series.

This is our latest creation and innovation of our minds .


Our YAHPOD book series is a breakthrough, innovative idea and prototype of publishing of digital books that defy "time" "space" and "boundaries." Yahpod books are books with a SOUND, books with impact and influence, books that wipes the tears away.

         We simply takes out the limitations of "traditional publishing" and convert it to "unlimited or limitless" outreaches of accessibility to books. 

We pod and we publish the word!  We proclaim and we publish

the word!  We declare and we publish the wordWe decree and we publish the word

                                         THE MANDATE

"The Lord (the owner, YHWH) gives the command. A great company of women proclaimed/ published it." Berean Study Bible.

"The Lord (the owner, YHWH) gives the word, the women that publish the tidings are a great host English Revised Version.


We dedicate YAH  POD BOOKS to YHWH, the  author, owner and source of this new way of thinking and reading. All the glory, all the honor, all the power, all the riches, all the wisdom are HIS.

                                 Thank you for choosing us to publish and proclaim it.

--- Jasmine Renner

Founder and President Generation Light (Gen Light)








Jasmine R. Renner

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For the:

  •  Generation Light 

  • The Unstoppable Light and

  • The Fast Forward Moments       Podcast Episodes

with Dr. Jasmine Renner


“ My entire life has been transformed since I began podcasting with "Generation Light" about you a month ago.

Wow! I am applying the principles and things you teach and everything is making sense to me now. I am learning to take responsibility for my outcomes and my future.  "I am Light." that's the bottom line. Thank you."


—  Lamar Georgestone, Wisconsin

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“I look forward to your episodes  daily  especially in the morning before my remote online work begins  as it makes my day and gives me something positive and valuable to think about.  Thanks so much.” 

—  Adel Peterson, North Carolina

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