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  "We are the LIGHT of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." 

We are a kingdom/ faith-based movement with a Kingdom mindset and mandate. Join us weekly and monthly, for our weekly and monthly programs and projects in 3 continents and in several nations of the earth.  We utilize "podcasting" as our main tool of global and international outreach.  We have experienced a tremendous revolution in the SOUND  influence of our various podcasts.

Recently and in 2023 onwards,  we will release our  YAHPOD book series globally. Browse through our website and check out our catalog of YAHPOD digital downloadable books. Join us as we pod our way to a GREAT HARVEST for the Kingdom. Don't forget to check out our YAHPOD Books at our online store to influence and impact the live of a GEN LIGHTERS.  Be the LIGHT.  Have a wonderful day!  

Jasmine Renner & the Team

Generation Light  (Gen Light) Founder & President

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" Generation Light" knows no limits and no boundaries,  but  secures impact and influence wherever they go, because light is indestructible.  Gen Light is in the time zone of "Fast forward Moments Above and Beyond," a divine time-zone that produces Kingdom results. Gen Light spaces are virtual meeting point of  awakened leaders  from around the globe with a Mental Shift  Breaking Limits and Impacting their Generations

Jasmine R. Renner 

Founder, Generation Light (Gen Light)

Our Vision

The equipment and empowerment of "awakened"  global leaders with a  radical mental shift who break limits in their various spheres of endeavors such as ministry, entrepreneurship, government, eduprenuership, politics, innovation and Invention. financial and philanthropy. There is ALWAYS a story to every journey that is colorful, successful and impactful . And that story told in an effective, deliberate and intentional  way, has the seed power and potential to spark and ignite  many more stories,  many more births, and more new horizons.  This is is what “  FAST FORWARDED ABOVE AND BEYOND IS ALL ABOUT.

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Our Goals

1.  To empower and equip global leaders to reach their full potential of excellence and limit breaking using the hidden treasures of the currency of time to their advantage.

2. To activate accelerated moments of destiny and irreversible progress for our global leader

3. To empower and equip global leaders to activate and curate their life's mission using the "Daniel Principle" and "Joseph Principle" of excellence and service in kingdom systems.

4. To promote excellence in life, ministry,  service and calling through our coaching, mentoring and remote and online educational  learning services.

Thank You for Podcasting With Us


Listen  daily to Fast-forward Moments Above and beyond Podcast episodes  and download daily. Invite your family, friends, co-workers and colleagues to pod with her. Transform your life. Fast-forward Your Destiny. 


Phone: 423-328-8875

2831 East Oakland Avenue
Suite # 5 Johnson City, TN 37601

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Our Mission
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