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In the middle of grief and loss? Where can treasures be possibly found? Is this figurative? Are you kidding me or dreaming? Did you just lose it? I am already in such pain and agony. How can I think, more less fathom thoughts of treasures during this time? What? NO, I am really not kidding, neither did I just lose it. The treasures are right inside of you; your heart and mind first, and then it will spill over and out into the natural and the material world.


You see what you don't realize is that you are a constant reservoir of potential and possibilities even in the midst of your GREAT loss. Treasure often triggered easily in good times when all is well. But for some reason, in the difficult seasons of our lives when the reservoir is richer, deeper and overflowing we don't even realize it. You brain is not conditioned to think treasures and tragedy at the same time. No, it only processes one type of feeling at a time. Sad, yes, mad yes, glad, yes, saturated, yes, happy yes. Joyful yes, But not sad and glad…… it’s so rare for your brain to process and handle life that way. I “feel” you. I am with you.


This JOURNAL for grief-thrivers is different. I am here to gently prod. But lead you decisively into finding the treasures out of your loss and pain. Trust me there are treasures when you write it down. When you curated your feelings and when you tie the whole event to PURPOSE.- As Vicki Harrison puts it: Grief is like the ocean. It comes in waves Ebbing and flowing Sometimes the water is calm And sometimes it is overwhelming All you can do is learn to swim BUT to add to Vicki Harrison's brilliant thought, I have created this SPECIAL JOURNAL for grief thrivers. You are incredible, having come this FAR. You are amazing for raising your perspective to truly what counts in this time of pain. I am a fellow grief thriver like you and I am using my journal to work me through extracting to the full ALL of the TREASURES OF THIS SEASON.


Join me and let’s journal together daily converting our pain to gain, our loss to plus and our hearts to truly what matters OUR PURPOSE. Let’s REST together if you have not yet done so ot are in the process of doing so. With every loss. There is a GREAT REST. Reset with me now and enjoy your journal. 

Grief Treasures : A Journal of Purpose and Reset for all Grief-Thrivers

SKU: JR200
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