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Sometimes words are an inferior source of communication when a major and  momentous event and occurrence happens.  Words cant describe it, words cant give a proper and befitting tribute and words cant maximize the moment.  In order not to squander destiny moments and miss key generational and transitional moments, whether in your family, your mission and purpose, your destiny, you are required to practice SELF CONTROL.


  The key is to be sensitive,  knowledgeable and maximize the greatest and best during generational transition.  Pay attentions, Inclining your ear,  Observing, being sensitive and wise and following orders and instructions hones your perspective down and unlocks life’s hidden treasures.  The KEY that unlocks “:fast forward moments is obedience. Transitions SHIFT the balance of power, transitions propel destinies, transitions pass on mantles, transitions set the course in order for the next ensuing decades. You have to be alert, sensible, selfless, focused and yielding . Obeying the architect, planner and designer of transitions and shifts is a more superior posture than words and theatrics.


Learn the fundamentals about what to do when you encounter a trans generational shift and momentous moment.  It is not voice or words that does the trick in gaining mastery, dominion and success for the ensuing century and decade ahead. It is OBEDIENCE and a willing to shift with the tides of the moment. Join me as I bring to you wisdom nuggets on how to position and reposition yourself for a monumental shift and transfer of mantle, power and calling. 

Obedience Speaks Louder Than Voice

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