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A RESET can be defined as an “act” or instance of setting something, someone, an event, again. It is an act of adjusting or fixing something in a new or different way. Shifts occur all around us everyday. Some are noticeable, others are not. Like tremors under-ground, you can literally feel the currents vibrating under your feet. The vibration continues until it becomes undeniable enough to shake you out of your denial and cause you to face the music.


There is a “tipping point” in an individual's life which leads to a shift and from a shift to a great RESET. The Great RESET is an incredible read about shifts, transitions and turning points in one’s life, organization, nation and family. A reset can take the form of a mental reset, an emotional reset, a physical reset, spiritual reset, a psychological reset or an individual reset. Whatever the reset may be, this book is a valuable tool to help you understand how to effectively navigate though a major shift and to thrive through it. It provides valuable keys and steps to use reset moments to propel you closer to your divine destiny and purpose.

The Great Reset

SKU: JRR 400
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