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Change, shift and repositioning can happen suddenly or in phases. .Sometimes  life situations and moments announce themselves before you can even think or prepare. Shifts and transitions occur suddenly and you must learn how to roll with the storm, thrive with its treasures and move forward rapidly into a new dimension and new you. 


      The SHIFT is simply about learning to thrive, grow, dominate and use to your advantage life’s  situations and circumstances.  The SHIFT will provide you with valuable lessons  and nuggets to assist you to cope, thrive and fast forward in a time of storm and transition in your life.


You will shift mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to apprehend higher heights and levels as you transition. Join Jasmine in solidifying the way up in different seasons of shifting and transitions.  Apprehend your porpoise, destiny and mission, turn the page in grand style by SHIFTING the right way.

The Shift :Turning the Page in Purpose, Assignment and Destiny

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