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In this book Dr. Jasmine Renner provides valuable keys for unlocking your unlimited creative potential. The goal of this book is to help individuals realize and understand the depth of their creative abilities and to use the multifaceted wisdom keys espoused to unlock their creative potential. This book will introduce you to the invaluable nuggets gained from discovering that creativity is not an additional project you add to your already full to do list but springs out of the essence of who you really are. Using wisdom as a guide and tool in understand and releasing your creative potential is crucial. Dr. Renner points out that wisdom is an essential part of the quantum or spiritual level of creativity. The keys espoused in this book are the same and can be applied in every nation, in every tribe and for all peoples. This is because there are universal undeniable principles that govern every human being. The wisdom keys espoused in this book are universal for all who will dare to use then appropriately. A farmer in Australia applying these keys correctly will have the same result as a billionaire in Wall Street. It is her desire that as you read this book you will be birthed into an innate awareness of your creative potential and ultimately be released into your creative potential.

Wisdom Keys For Releasing Your Creative Potential Paperback

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