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YAHPOD BOOKS  by YHWH (Owner, Creator) Published by Dr.  Jasmine


 Psalm 68: 11 KJV 

"The Lord (the owner, YHWH) gives the command; a great company of women proclaim it. Berean Study Bible"

The Lord (the owner, YHWH gives the word: the women that publish the tidings are a great host. English Revised Version

 The Unstoppable Light, Generation Light, and Rehovot Educational Consulting are thrilled to bring to you our latest creation and innovation of our minds -the launch of our 
YAHPOD book collection series in  2023.  Our " YAHPOD book series" is  a "breakthrough"  "innovative" idea  and proto-type of  publishing digital books that defy "time," "space," and  " boundaries"  s that often characterizes the regular  traditional  process of publishing.
We simply take out the limitations of traditional publishing and convert it to unlimited or limitless outreaches of accessibility  to books. 
This method is a new arrow of light and impact that makes digital accessibility and books available to every nation,  every tribe,  every kindred, every  tongue and every people group instantly with no limitations or boundaries. 
SO WE SIMPLY DO THIS............
We pod and we publish!  We proclaim and we publish!  We say and we publish!
We decree and and we publish. 
 Our  innovative YAHPOD books are "arrows" of the  triggered  word in printed and downloadable format released/ sent to our GENERATION of Digital citizens.  They are "inspired and living books" with "live seed words" from the greatest  books of all times -- the BOOK of LIFE and LIGHT  that will transform your life, light your path and get you on your feet.
YAHPOD books transmit the same effect  in scale, magnitude and potency as the
regular paperback books. Simply download into your mobiles, your tablets, your laptops, your mp3 devices and read. No time to read because you are on the go? Then  simply download our YAHPOD books into your mobiles, your phone or your tablets.  i Our YAHPOD books are accompanied  by divine speed in a divine time zone for everyone. 
So get yours today and spread the news through YAHPOD books.

 The Executive Producer YAHPOD Books -Jasmine Renner

To honor the length of my existence  and  my years on the earth and to profusely thank the ONE who gave me the gift of lifeauthorship, creativity and an innovative kingdom mindset,  I release these YAHPOD books to his GLORY,  to his PRAISE and  to his HONOR. I also release it to my audience, social media handle peeps, family, friends, loved one, Genlighters  and my GENERATION. We have just started the journey together. You can impact, influence and forward them to your friends and family world-wide.

Let the revolution of  published YAHPOD BOOKs (Published Word) that know no limits, no boundaries, BEGIN and let it reach, influence and spread to the four corners of the earth

-- Jasmine R. Renner
     Founder, Generation Light (Gen Light)




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